Wana's Journey

The murder of George Floyd opened millions of eyes to the reality that Black Americans have been living for years. We at Wana Brands are furious, grieving, and grappling with our own role in the perpetuation of systemic racism. We are a largely white organization, profiting in an industry for which thousands of Black and Latinx individuals have been criminalized and imprisoned. How can we leverage our privilege and resources to correct this injustice, rather than shy away from it? We don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do we hold ourselves out as a model of perfection, but this website is a starting point. We hope that this collection of resources will provide a basis for further learning within our own company and across the cannabis industry — and that, by submitting additional materials through the CONTRIBUTE button, the site’s visitors will help us continue to grow. 
We also recognize that listening and learning are only the first steps down a long and challenging path toward anti-racism. Here are a few additional actions we’ve taken, or pledge to take within the next year. This is not a “one and done” initiative; we consider these actions — including this website — to be the beginning of our ongoing work to build a more equitable and aware organization. 

    • We’ve established a partnership with and monthly donation to The Last Prisoner Project, a coalition of industry professionals working against the racist criminalization of cannabis.
    • We pay 30%+ above minimum wage for entry-level positions, so people from every financial background can seek opportunities at Wana. 
    • We offer equal insurance and benefits to all employees, regardless of status, position, or salary.
    • We offer paid time off for elections.
    • Our Corporate Social Responsibility program offers employees paid time off for volunteering and opportunities to donate to local organizations meaningful to them.
    • We offer tuition reimbursement to all full-time employees to encourage career development and continuing education.
    • We are investigating options to provide low- or no-interest loans for employees facing unusual financial circumstances.
    • Beginning this year, we will implement an annual review of compensation to prevent inadvertent or unconscious pay inequities.
    • We will make anti-racist training part of the employee onboarding process, alongside our existing anti-sexual harassment training.
    • In addition to mandatory training, we will provide our employees with opportunities for deeper learning experiences such as resource recommendations, lunch-and-learns, and book club discussions.
    • We are in the process of setting goals and metrics for our ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity efforts, with the top-line goal of diversifying our employee demographics well beyond the Boulder County average. Some specific recruiting initiatives include:
      • Declining to inquire about felonies during our job application process, with the understanding that the racist War on Drugs has branded many hard-working Americans with unjust criminal convictions.
      • Approaching job applications from a skills-based rather than experience-based perspective. Specifically, we will avoid requirements that don’t directly impact the job and could discourage people of diverse backgrounds from applying.
      • Researching ways to offer mentorship and paid internship programs to encourage applicants of all financial backgrounds and to support emerging cannabis entrepreneurs of color.